Maengsan Firefly Nature School

Maengsan is a hill situated in the city of Seongnam. Maengsan was named after the surname of Maeng family having lived in surrounding areas for generations since their ancestor Maeng Sa-seong was awarded with the hill by Sejong the Great in the 15th century for his scholarly contribution during the earliest days of Joseon dynasty. The name became widely used since 1980s.

Maengsan Firefly Nature School started from an environmental campaign against the development of green space in 1996. Since its beginning, the school has become a place where the general public can develop their environmental awareness and ecological sensitivity through various outreach programmes. Currently, the school plays its role not only as a resting space for citizens, but also as an area to experience the ecology of Maengsan.

In 2001, the site was designated as a ‘must-be protected area’ through the Civic Award for Conservation Area contest. Recognizing its ecological values, National Trust of Korea acquired 609㎡ of land for preservation.

Opening time | all year round

Price | Free

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