The Naeseong river in Yeong-ju

The Naeseong river flows around the mid-east of South Korea and is a world-renown sand river for its well-developed sandbank and outstanding purifying ability. Because of these ecological features, the Naeseong river shows diverse ecosystem by including a range of endangered and legally protected species. Particularly, the natural monument of mandarin ducks can be found in nearby willow forest.

The Naeseong river trust movement aims to restore the original river topography by acquiring surrounding lands through crowd-funding. National Trust of Korea has attempted to secure back marshes since 2011 and in January 2012 it succeeded in preserving 1,861㎡ of flood plain located near the bridge Sam-gang and Hoeryongpo (a lower reach of the river). More than six hundreds of people joined the fundraising campaign and donated a total of around $45,000. The protected area is expected to play a role in bridging the eco-systems of the river and the forest due to its inbetween location.

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