Wonheung's Toad Habitat in Cheong-ju

Located within Sinnam-dong in the city of Cheong-Ju, Wonheung’s Toad habitat, together with Mt. Gureyong behind it, are the places where toads lay eggs and inhabit. Not only ten thousands of toads, but also various kinds of frogs and natural monument can be seen in Wonheung’s Toad habitat, proving rich preservation values.

In 2002, the development plan for the areas was passed. Soon, it was opposed by the public who strongly voiced the necessity of preserving the concerned site after watching the video footage of toads climbing up to Mt. Gureyong. Encouraged by the public opposition, several non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Cheong-Ju organized protection campaigns. In 2004, the land corporation for the development and environmental NGOs reached an agreement about building an ecological park for toads. In line with this, a year later, National Trust of Korea designated the concerned site as a ‘must-be protected area’ through the Civic Award for Conservation Area contest.

Although the eco-park was built according to the agreement in 2004, climbing facilities and a range of human interventions significantly put the toad’s habitat in danger. To prevent further damages, National Trust of Korea fundraised to purchase the area of 1,008㎡ for protection. In May 2009, finally, the organization acquired the fourth site for permanent preservation through donations by citizens in Cheong-Ju and nationwide crowd funding. Although the ownership of the site is currently under National Trust of Korea, the management right has been delegated to the environmental organization in Cheong-Ju, ‘Toad’s Friends’.

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