The woodland of Mt.Gunyu in Hampyeong

The woodland of Mt.Gunyu used to be a communal property of donor family for generations for family rituals, such as internment. After deciding to move graves from the mountain, the family made a decision to donate the inherited land to National Trust of Korea instead of selling it, worrying that the sale of the land could be considered as a disregard of their ancestors. The family anonymously donated their woodland to the organization hoping for its permanent preservation.

Facing south, the donated land has a view of the coastal waters of the city of Hampyeong. Located between the city of Yeonggwang and Muan, the woodland shows its diverse and rich ecology due to its nearness to the west coast of the Korean peninsula. Although its vegetation is mainly composed of pine trees, a wide range of plants from warm temperate zone can also be seen. Granite rocks in different shapes add to the picturesque beauty of the woodland.

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